TL14: The Human Head



Saturday afternoon

Mário Linhares


Portraits are usually challenging for many reasons. The expectation of resemblance is high, and the look and traces that define the person are also important. 

But there are also other relevant things before we worry too much about those characteristics. What are the proportions of a face? And what is the relationship between the face and the human head? 

In this Talk and Learn, bring the faces you’ve been sketching and all your questions, so we can talk and learn about how you can improve.

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Event Details

Date: July 20, 2024

Start time: 03:00 p.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.

Directions: Brackett's Landing South

Sketcher Fest Artist

Mário Linhares is a lecturer in Drawing, he dedicates himself to travel diaries and reportage drawing. He regularly participates at conferences and exhibitions and contributes to books on drawing around the world. Publications: Diário de Viagem | Costa do Marfim (2014); Panoramas and Vertical Vistas (2021); Lisboa Moderna (2021).