ST10: Art Toolkit on the Pier



Saturday afternoon

Maria Coryell-Martin


This tucked-away nook holds a wealth of choices for sketching local color. Sculptures, folks with their fishing equipment on the pier, people enjoying ice cream cones at the beach entrance — sketchers can add some fun details to their drawings.

Bring your favorite sketchbook and supplies. We’ll also have 30 demo Art Toolkit watercolor palettes and brushes to borrow and try! All levels of artists are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Art Toolkit is an adventure art company based in Port Townsend. They create watercolor sketching supplies for urban and wilderness adventures and support a passionate community of artists worldwide. Learn more at


Activity sponsored by Art Toolkit.

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Event Details

Date: July 20, 2024

Start time: 02:30 p.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.

Directions: Meet at the "Seeing Whales" sculpture at the entrance to Olympic Beach.

Artist Guide

Maria Coryell-Martin is the inventor of Art Toolkit. She works in the tradition of artists as naturalists and educators. Since 2005, she has focused on painting polar and glaciated regions where she collaborates with scientific teams. In the field, Maria sketches with ink and watercolor to make a record of place, experience, climate, and color. Maria lives nearby in Port Townsend.

IG: @expeditionaryart