TL10: Let’s Look at Mark-Making 



Saturday afternoon

Suhita Shirodkar


Let’s look more closely at line quality mark-making and their emotive power. Bring sketching tools and we can explore the range of marks they can produce. Suhita will also share some of her favorite sketching tools including fude pens, brush pens, colored pencil and crayons, all of which she employs in her sketches. We can also review your sketches by looking through the lens of mark-making.

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Event Details

Date: July 20, 2024

Start time: 02:30

End time: 04:30

Directions: Brackett's Landing North

Sketcher Fest Artist

Suhita Shirodkar is an illustrator, an educator and an active member of Urban Sketchers for over 12 years. She teaches on-location sketching workshops throughout the world and has taught at many International Symposiums. Suhita has received grants for her reportage projects including a Knight Foundation Grant and a Belle Foundation Grant. In 2023 she was Creative Ambassador to the City of San Jose and conducted a year-round series of sketch walks that explored local history and lesser-known parts of the city. Suhita is the author of a book on Urban Sketching for beginners and a book documenting the vintage signs of San Jose. 

IG: @suhitasketch. Website: Substack: Sketch Away