Talk & Learn
TL6 Perspective: Cracking the Code Stephanie Bower
TL7 Travel Sketching Eleanor Doughty
TL8 Thick Markers James Hobbs
TL9 Composition Andika Murandi
TL10 Let’s Look at Mark-Making Suhita Shirodkar
TL11 Layout Tips for Urban Sketchers Michele Cooper
TL12 Sketchbook Clinic Oliver Hoeller
TL13 Binding Sketchbooks Ketta Linhares
TL14 The Human Head Mário Linhares
TL15 Reportage and the Art of Composition Daniel Winterbottom
Sketch Tours
Artist Guide
ST8 Cascadia Art Museum Sketch Tour TBD
ST9 Edmonds Stories Laura Moe
ST10 Art Toolkit on the Pier Maria Coryell-Martin