Limited Time, Freedom From Worry

When traveling, sometimes you have a limited time to sketch at a great location you really want to remember. Not every sketch do you have unlimited time because of weather, your travelling partner’s patience, or because of circumstances of the location. This workshop will teach strategies to prioritize and capture the experience through simplification, picking & choosing of details, and employing color wash / broad strokes techniques. Don’t get hung up or overwhelmed when you only have a few minutes, let the pressure of the moment fuel a great sketch in which will feed the memory of the experience.

Supply list

  • PAPER MEDIA: Any paper that can take watercolors i.e. Water color paper 130 lb or sketchbook
  • PEN with waterproof ink: Favorites are Pigma Micron (Size 08) or Staedtler Lumocolor (Size F) (or Fountain Pen with waterproof ink)
  • PENCIL (needed only for basic layout)
  • WATERCOLOR BRUSH: ¾” Oval Brush (larger brush size)
  • WATERCOLOR PALETTE: (with a variety of colors) (Suggested palette); Cerulean Blue; Cadmium Yellow; Sepia or Raw Umber; Chinese White; Rose Madder; Prussian Blue; Yellow Ochre; Hookers Green
  • OTHER OPTIONAL SUPPLIES: Blue Tape (3/4”-1” width); 11” X 17” Foam Core or Gator Board (surface to tape on your paper); Water Bottle and Cup; Paper Towels (couple of sheets); Stool or Chair (portable)
About the instructor

David Chamness

David Chamness is a licensed architect, an artist, and an urban sketcher. Designing large commercial projects in the PNW for 40 years during the work week and using hand sketching as a tool to communicate ideas with colleagues / clients. He studied at the University of Washington and received his Master of Architecture from University of Michigan. He has been sketching/watercolor painting for the last 35-plus years around the Pacific Northwest and on his travels abroad. Most of his art is created on location, enjoying the variety of sights, scenes, and experiences of different places. He is a native Washingtonian and has lived with family in Shoreline for the past 30 years.

When: Saturday, July 15, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Check-in at Graphite Arts Center.