Good Bones

Good sketches start with Good Bones! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to start a sketch by setting up the foundational “bones” in only 3 simple steps. We’ll cover a few essentials of perspective, how to develop a sketch in layers, and finish it off with quick watercolor. No need to fear or fake perspective, it’s easy when you know what to look for!

Supply list: Your favorite sketching supplies … plus one 8” straight architect’s triangle or straight edge.

About the instructor

Stephanie Bower

Seattle-based Stephanie Bower worked as a licensed Architect in New York City before gravitating to professional architectural illustration and concept design. She taught for over thirty years, in New York City at Parsons School of Design and in Seattle at the University of Washington and Cornish College of the Arts. Stephanie is thrilled to be living her life-long dream as a globe-trotting instructor and urban sketcher! She has taught at 7 USk Symposiums, has two online sketching classes, and teaches perspective and watercolor workshops around the world. Her awards include the prestigious Gabriel Prize fellowship in architecture to Paris, the Civita Institute’s fellowship to Italy, and she was twice honored with “Best Travel Sketch” in the KRob international architectural delineation competition. Stephanie’s work has been featured in Watercolor Artist and Artist magazines, and she is the best-selling author of several books on sketching including THE URBAN SKETCHING HANDBOOK: UNDERSTANDING PERSPECTIVE, THE URBAN SKETCHING HANDBOOK: 101 SKETCHING TIPS, as well as the recent sketching tour around the globe, THE WORLD OF URBAN SKETCHING (2022).

When: Saturday, July 15, from 2:30 to 6 p.m. Check-in at Graphite Arts Center.