The Sketcher Fest 2024 official poster is here!

Contact: Jane Wingfield

May 30, 2024

Edmonds, Washington — We are thrilled to announce the release of this year’s official poster featuring artwork by guest artist Eleanor Doughty. Her unique style and vibrant colors showcase some of the energy and enthusiasm you can expect to experience at this year’s festival in Edmonds.

Eleanor drew inspiration from the Edmonds marina, a fitting location visible from Sunday’s Sketchbook Fair and Art Market. She described her sketching experience:

“I took the train up to Edmonds on an overcast spring day and spent the morning strolling south through the marina … I enjoyed the upper vantage point from the raised footpath, seeing many kinds of boats from an unusual angle. This older wooden sailboat and its matching dinghy were especially inspiring … As I painted, a crow flew in to perch on one of the mast’s spreader bars, and since I love crows, I had to add it … I chose to use warm colors in this piece for a warm and energetic feeling.”

Eleanor Doughty is an illustrator, painter, and urban sketcher originally from the Washington, DC area, now based in Seattle. Her work captures realistic subjects and imbues them with significance and character. Eleanor has traveled internationally to teach art and explore new locations through her sketching practice. She teaches through the Urban Sketchers organization and Gage Academy in Seattle and has illustrated for clients including QFC, Hilton, Marriott, Penguin/Random House, the Seattle Times, and VICE Media. Eleanor also enjoys cartoons, riding her 180cc scooter, and drinking a good Americano on a rainy day.

The Sketcher Fest poster will be available for purchase at the event bookstore, on Friday and Saturday at Graphite and on Sunday at the Edmond’s Waterfront Center. 

For more information about Sketcher Fest and to purchase tickets, please visit